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Last update February 2010.
Making viking to high medieval garb for children , illustrations are not linked yet, just text  Last update February 2010
17thC style baby clothes /shirt,extant norwegian shirt, cap and more  Last update February 2010
Pre-viking and roman , From BC to viking ,Roman weapons, shoes, household items, a german fort  Last update February 2010
Viking , Viking ships, textiles , ornaments, jewelery , weapons and more  Last update March 2010
Medieval , Textiles, embroidery, effigies and more  Last update March 2010
Renaissance and baroque , Extant garments, furniture, embroidery, weapons and more  Last update March 2010
Late victorian / early edwardian , Clothes
Embroidery , extant embroidery viking to baroque  Last update March 2010
Tapestries , Viking to baroque  Last update March 2010
Textile fragments, Viking to renaissance
Historical knitting, extant 3rd C to 19thC. My own photos and others museum photos.
British museum , London
Forsvars museet , Akershus / The defense museum at Akershus castle, Oslo , Norway
Folkemuseet på Bygdøy / The outdoor museum at Bygdøy, Oslo , Norway
Historisk museum / The historical museum, Oslo, Norway
Kunstindustri museets 17thC section, Museum of applied arts, Oslo, Norway
V&A , London
Vigelandsparken , Oslo, Norway .Index of photos of statues in the park early october 2005
For more info about the park and it's creator, Vigelands museet, Oslo, Norway.
Vikingskipsmuseet / The viking ship museum, Oslo, Norway
Weapons , pre-viking to baroque