(The museum of applied arts),Oslo,Norway
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Bolsølje. Gilded silver. 1300s (N)
Lid mirrorbox, ivory - silver.1300-50F)
Bolsølje. Gilded silver. 1500s (N)
Diptych panels, ivory 1350 (F)
The dress is dated to the early 1880s.
The fabric is a very thin white and blue striped wool.
The blue trim is the same shade as the blue stripes.
1905-06 white silk evening dress, it has lace insertions in the skirt.
1912 striped daydress, silk
The dress is dated to about 1800. It's made of green striped silk with a slight blue tone. There are little bunches of flowers spread evenly over the fabric. According to the sign in front of the dress, it's a brocade. The flowers looks like they might be embroidered onto the fabric.
The bodice closes down the front by the look of it. from what I could see, the skirt is attached to the bodice. There is a little "tail" added at the back, giving the semblanse of a jacket.