Kunstindustri museet (The museum of applied arts),Oslo,Norway
17thC knitted shirts and jackets        17thC knitted nightshirts in Norway         17thC knitted jacket in the V&A       
These 2 nightshirts are dated to the second half of the 17thC. The dark green jacket was originally a sweater of the same style as the blue nightshirt. Both are decorated with metalic thread (silvergilt ?) and spangles. The blue just around the neck and front opening. The green is embroidered all over the sleeves, back and front.
Both are knitted with very fine and even thread and are very evenly knit. If I were to guess a probable needle size, I'd go for a nr.1 - 1.5. The silk thread is thin enough to use for embroidery .
A 16th C (?) nightshirt   a similar type as the blue nightshirt in cream (?). It's the same ground pattern with similar embroidery.   
King Charles I's blue silk vest worn at his execution in 1649  (keyword; blue, specific date 1649) similar  to the blue bellow, but different repeat pattern. Buttons.