Malmö, Sweden
A little background information on St.Petri Church in Malmö, Sweden
St. Petri is a Gothic church originating in the 14th century, when Malmö was under the control of the Hanseatic League. It was modeled on the Marienkirche, a famous church in Lübeck, Germany.
Other than the slender pillars and supporting ogive vaulting, the church's most stunning feature is its Krämarkapellet, or tradesmen's chapel, from the 1400s. Amazingly, the original artwork remains. At the Reformation, the artwork here was viewed as "redundant," and the chapel was sealed off, which in effect protected its paintings from the overzealous "restoration" of the reformers. 
For a look around, please step into the church....
All bookmark sized photoes are linked to a larger version, the rest are shown in a size to their advantage. I'll be back there in a year or so to do some more photography, untill then...