Norsk Folkemuseum, Oslo, Norway
17thC sleeved  pink silk stays in the V&A    Stays in the making     Mid 17thC clothes in Norway
This type of stays are known to have been used in Norway after mid 17thC according to probates. These stays might be from either the 17th or the 18th C. 
The stay is quite small, probably made for a small and very petite woman or young girl. Both stays are edged with white kid. Lining is unbleashed linen. The outer material is wool of a type called kallemank.
Tieying the straps at the front or the back. Shoulder straps tied at the front ; breastfeeding.
Tieying them at the back seems to be the norm at any other time.
The first stay is for color reference.
Folkedrakt og bymote i Gudbrandsdalen 1650-1940
Ragnhild Bleken Rusten
ISBN 82-7847-082-0
Updated  1st of september 2005