Kunstindustri museet (The museum of applied arts),Oslo,Norway
This is just a small selection of the things and stuff in the silver room. On exhibition is silver from the middleages into the 18th or 19thC. The collection is supposed to be one of the largest of its kind in Europe. Mostly because we were spared some of the larger wars in Europe and the resulting meltdowns of silver to finance this. It doesn't beat the V&A for pure size though.
Top row
From the left : #12, front row : #13 (?) and #14, second row : # 16, back row: #17, right side : #15
#12 norwegian gilded eyelets 1600s
#13 2 norwegian gilded reliquaries early 1600s
#14 norwegian gilded beltbuckles 1600s
#15 norwegian gilded eyelets 1600s
#16 norwegian gilded belt 1640
#17 german gilded belt 1641
The spoons are from the 1500s. They are a bit rounder than the 1600s spoons. The handles grow longer and the "scoop" a little slimmer in the 17thC.
Grotesque motives on belt buckle and belt end. (16th or 17th C ???)
Acantus motif on pins from the 1600s.
Books from the later part of the 1600s.
Updated 21.06.2005