Unless otherwise stated, all photoes posted are my own. While I don't mind people using the photoes, it would be nice to have the website sited as the source.
August 2008
* New extant embroidery photos added, lots of links deleted or updated in the embroidery and renaissance section.

1st of October 2007
* The webpage is still being updated. Mostly with new pages linked in the Viking section and an all over cleaning up.
* Dates for when added or updated are now being posted next to the items in each section. Please go to your period for an update check.

21st of February 2007
* I've added an excell file in the childrens section with a pattern drawing of Hjerolfsness no 44.
* Most of the old or broken links are fixed.
5th of October 2006
* Some links leads nowhere ; most of the links to anything on the York site. I recommend doing a search on the actual website. I'll try to find working links or delete the excisting ones if working ones fails..
* I suspect a few links might be down due to maintance or lack of bandwidth, these will be left for another month or two.
25th of May 2006
* The main Viking page has been reorganized. The external links and my museum photoes are now lumped together under relevant categories.
* Nalebindinglinks have been updated where relevant
30th of march 2006
* I've added a selection of my latest longarmed crosstitch embroideries in the Embroidery projects section under Crosseyed and colorblind
28th of March 2006
* Market list updated. Still in a mix of swedish,norwegian,danish and english.
10th of March 2006
* Market list updated
17th of February 2006
* The roman fort photoes are uploaded, but still only available as an index. Photoes will be posted on pages sometime....
5th of February 2006
* Just trying to catch up with spelling mistakes all over the place. There are lots left......
4th of February 2006
* I cleaned up the Embroidery projects today and divided them into sections of medieval and later embroideries
2nd of February 2006
* 17thC nightshirts has finally been cleaned up a little. More info will be up soon about the norwegian knitted silk shirts.
* I finally got around to posting a selection of my Embroidery projects
27th of January 2006
* Reload any page you've already visited as I've made small changes all over the website these last weeks ; relinked stuff, added links or info, fixed wrong links....
* Roman and previking page updated
* The extant embroideries page should be cleaned up now and photoes sorted into the right categories, or at least not the wrong ones anymore . Don't know why I keep putting photoes in the wrong places, but I do
* I've started on the not to be to blunt about it aaargh job of updating and relinking all pages on this site. Hopefully it will all be done within the next week. meanwhile, look to whatever period you are interested in on the offchance that there are photoes or new links there not yet linked to the specialized page or the other way around.
26th of January 2006
* Roman and previking page is fixed and working again
22nd of January 2006
* A list of markets in northern Europe 2006. It's far from complete atm and will be updated through the year
19th of January 2006
* Broken links to photoes fixed in textile fragments pages
* Broken links to photoes fixed in tapesty pages
* Broken links to photoes fixed in embroidery fragment pages
* Previking and roman page updated with more external links
* Making viking to high medieval garb for children is now linked to site, only with text atm. Illustrations will follow.
15th of January 2006
* Updated main viking page
* Updated main medieval page
* Linked previking and roman page
* Added a list of links to extant 16th-18thC german and spanish doublets on the english doublet page
* Added more links to extant jackets/nightshirts on the 17th C knitted silk jackets page and 16th/17thC knitted silk nightshirts page
3rd of January 2006
* Indexes of photoes linked to the Medieval page
* An index of photoes from the Vigelands park linked under Museums
1st of January 2006
* Historical knitting has been added on as it's own subject, though the linking to different eras is still missing.
* There has been a restructuring of the 17thC knitted silk pages.
* Textile fragments has been relinked, but still need a bit of tidying.